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MTWorld Article Archive

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

Welcome to the MTWorld article archive. MTWorld continuously publishes articles of interest to the medical transcription, medical coding, healthcare documentation, and medical training communities. Check back frequently for updates.

CDIA / MTIA: The End of an Era

2012 and Beyond: Divining the Future of Medical Transcription and Clinical Documentation

QWERTY Keyboard: The Most Inefficient Keyboard Design of All Time?

When Will Social Security Go Broke?

Age to Receive Full Social Security Retirement Benefits

Health Savings Plans (HSAs) - Rapidly Becoming the Health Benefit of Choice

Medical Transcription Industry Publications and Professional Journals

Medical Coding Certification Requirements

Whither Medical Transcription Growth? MT Growth Drivers for the Coming Decades

Medical Transcription at Home: Finding the Right Balance

Get a Life!

Medical Transcription Management Options and Opportunities

Registered Nurse Career Profile

Certified Nursing Assistant Career Profile

Avoiding Financial Catastrophe

The Advisability of Mandatory Credentialing and Certification of Medical Transcriptionists

7 Simple Yet Powerful Steps to Financial Success and Peace of Mind

Dr. Nakamatsu - Mad Scientist or Unheralded Genius - You be the Judge!

Medical Assistant Career Profile

Commonly Misspelled Medical Words and Sound Alikes

Neurology Standard Exams and Scans

Medical Billing Opportunities: Pitfalls and Realities

A Career in Medical Coding

The Rocky Road to ICD-10 Medical Code Implementation

The Future of the Medical Transcription Industry and Medical Transcription Jobs

Medical Billing Clearinghouses - A Key to Processing Efficiency

Turning Healthcare Over to Computers: Risks of Rapid Adoption of EMR and Speech Rec Technology

After 20 Years MTIA Opts for a Name Change

Baby Boomer Impact on Medical Transcription

Tax Victory for MTSO's Employing Independent Contractors

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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