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Free Typing Test

How fast can you type?

Put Your Typing Skills to Work: Earn Great Money Working From Home in Medical Transcription!

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

Welcome to the most visited online Free Typing Test available anywhere on the internet. Our free online speed typing test has been proven to deliver the most consistently accurate speed typing results of any program on the market. Please bookmark this page and don't hesitate to share this free speed typing test with your friends and associates. We can help you improve your typing skills and accuracy so you can use these talents for a variety of in-demand typing jobs that require advanced keyboarding skills.

We will be continually improving and updating this free online typing test to enhance your overall speed typing experience. If you have any comments or suggestions about our free online typing test we would like to hear from you. Check back frequently to evaluate your typing progress and to check for updates to the MTWorld speed typing test.


Our Free Typing Test is designed to calculate your average typing speed in words per minute (w.p.m.). This free typing test is used as one resource in calculating your average typing speed. The grader for the typing test will take the total number of words typed on the free speed typing test and calculate your net w.p.m. typing speed. To continue with the free typing test, please follow the steps below:


Select the type of speed typing test you would like to take. There are several free typing test options to choose from. Please be aware that some speed typing tests are more advanced and difficult than others.


There are 3 options for the total amount of time that you will spend typing in the free typing test selected. You may choose a one minute typing test, a two minute typing test, or a three minute typing test to calculate your w.p.m. typing speed. Please select one of the following speed typing test options:


To begin the free typing test, press the 'Begin Test' button below.

Put Your Typing Skills to Work: Earn Great Money Working From Home in Medical Transcription!

Free Info on our Recommended Medical Transcription Program Leading to an Exciting Home Based Medical Transcription Career

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