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Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu - Mad Scientist or Unheralded Genius - You Be the Judge

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Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, born in Japan on June 26, 1928 is, according to his own estimates, one of the most prolific inventors of all time. He currently claims to hold over 3,000 patents and has the lofty goal of patenting 6,000 inventions before he dies at the age of 144 (his current prediction for his life expectancy) - more on this fascinating prediction in a moment.

Dr. Nakamatsu is a graduate of the University of Tokyo and has completed four doctorate dissertations. For him, learning is clearly an end to itself as well as a lifelong quest.

Some of Yoshiro Nakamatsu's 3,000+ inventions include:

  • Spring Shoes (see image above)
  • Foundation technology for the floppy disk
    the CD and the DVD
  • The Karaoke machine
  • The Digital Watch
  • The Taxicab Meter
  • The Music Synthesizer
  • Enerex, an automobile engine that purportedly runs on common tap water (converting water to hydrogen)

Dr. Nakamatsu has succeeded in developing an elite list of patents to say the least. A number of his patents have been licensed to IBM and other technology powerhouses. What drives Dr. Nakamatsu? He cites, among other things, the intense pressure to succeed in Japan as one of the primary motivators in his ongoing quest for higher and higher levels of achievement. Dr. Nakamatsu has been inventing as long as he can remember and he maintains that he will never stop learning and inventing.

Oxygen Deprivation = Creative Epiphanies??!!

One of the most peculiar facts about Mr. Nakamatsu's invention methods is that he claims to have come up with many of his most important inventions in an oxygen deprived state. Specifically, he has invented a waterproof underwater writing pad. After a period of meditation and contemplation, he retreats to an underwater pool he has constructed in his home. After a significant period of underwater oxygen deprivation he scribbles down his most brilliant ideas - the most impressive of which are said to come a mere .5 seconds before death! Don't try this at home kids!

Whatever the method, his results speak for themselves.

The Holy Grail of Diet Plans

Dr. Nakamatsu has developed a special recipe for life extension - literally! For over 35 years he has photographed and meticulously documented every meal he has ever consumed. Following each meal he has conducted a thorough analysis of the nutrients involved and their effect on his body, extracting blood samples and testing vitals. This tedious process has allowed him to fine tune a diet that he considers optimal for maximum longevity. His secret recipe? Well, let's just say that it remains a secret. However, it boils down to this: he consumes one 750 calorie meal per day - in the form of a "super biscuit" which he produces himself and which is fortified with a multitude of nutrients that he argues will result in a 150 year lifespan. Between meals he will snack on specially formulated "brain food", indulging in a proprietary mixture of seaweed, dried shrimp and other power ingredients.

Sleep? Who Needs It?

With regards to sleep, Dr. Nakamatsu does comparatively little. He sleeps a mere 4 hours per night. He augments his four hours per night with a daily power nap in his high tech recliner - another of his inventions which employs sound waves to stimulate the brain circuitry and to energize his body. Each hour in the recliner is equivalent to 4 hours of regular sleep.

Irrespective of his unconventional ideas and methodologies, Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu has assured himself a place in history alongside the likes of Thomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin. And with a 20 hour per day work schedule and a life expectancy approaching 150 years, we are certain to see and hear much more from Dr. Nakamatsu in the future.

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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