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Common Medical Suffixes

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medical transcription medical terminology suffixes for use by MTWorld medical transcriptionists Common Medical Suffixes

Suffix Meaning Example
ac pertaining to cardiac
al pertaining to femoral
ar pertaining to malar
ary pertaining to biliary
algia pain arthralgia
apheresis removal leukapheresis
ase enzyme alkaline phosphatase
asthenia weakness myasthenia
capnia carbon dioxide hypocapnia
cele hernia; protrusion hydrocele
centesis surgical puncture to aspirate fluid amniocentesis
cidal killing suicidal
coccus (pl. cocci) berryshaped ( a form of bacterium) pneumococcus
crine separate; secrete endocrine
crit to separate hematocrit
cyte cell leukocyte
desis surgical fixation; fusion arthrodesis
eal pertaining to calcaneal
ectasis stretching out; dilatation; expansion bronchiectasis
ectomy excision or surgical removal tonsillectomy
emesis vomiting hematemesis
emia blood condition anemia
esis condition diaphoresis
iasis condition psoriasis
ic pertaining to apneic
gen substance or agent that produces or causes antigen
genesis origin; cause iatrogenesis
genic producing; originating; causing organogenic
gram record; x-ray film echocardiogram
graph instrument used to record radiograph
graphy process of recording; xray filming arteriography
ia condition of diseased or abnormal state hypoxia
ial pertaining to arterial
iatry physician; treatment psychiatry
ician one who physician
ictal seizure; attack postictal
ism state of embolism
itis inflammation colitis
lepsy seizure epilepsy
lysis loosening; dissolution; separating hydrolysis
lytic destroy; reduce thrombolytic
malacia softening chondromalacia
mania madness; insane desire pyromania
megaly enlargement hepatosplenomegaly
meter instrument used to measure thermometer
metry measurement oximetry
morph form; shape polymorph (polymorphonuclear)
odynia pain arthrodynia
oid resembling hyoid
ologist one who studies & practices (specialist) cardiologist
ology study of oncology
oma tumor; swelling hematoma
opia vision (condition) myopia
opsy to view biopsy
oorhagia rapid flow of blood menorrhagia
orrhaphy suturing; repairing herniorrhaphy
orrhea flow; excessive discharge menorrhea
orrhexis rupture capsulorrhexis
osis abnormal condition (means increased when used with blood cell word roots) dermatosis
ostomy creation of an artificial opening colostomy
otomy cut into or incision craniotomy
ous pertaining to parous
oxia oxygen hypoxia
paresis slight paralysis hemiparesis
pathy disease neuropathy
penia abnormal reduction in number cytopenia
pepsia digestion dyspepsia
pexy surgical fixation; suspension urethropexy
phagia eating; swallowing odynophagia
phobia abnormal fear of or aversion to specific objects or things claustrophobia
phonia sound or voice hyperphonia
phoria feeling euphoria
physis growth hypophysis
plasia formation; development; a growth hyperplasia
plasm growth; substance; formation cytoplasm
plasty plastic or surgical repair arthroplasty
plegia paralysis paraplegia
pnea breathing apnea
poiesis formation hematopoiesis
porosis passage osteoporosis
prandial meal postprandial
ptosis dropping; sagging; prolapse splanchnoptosis
ptysis spitting hemoptysis
salpinx fallopian tube hydrosalpinx
sarcoma malignant tumor angiosarcoma
sclerosis hardening atherosclerosis
scope instrument used for visual examination endoscope
scopy visual examination colonoscopy
scopic visual examination arthroscopic
sepsis infection sepsis
spasm sudden involuntary muscle contraction vasospasm
stasis control; stop hemostasis
stalsis contraction peristalsis
stenosis constriction; narrowing stenosis
thorax chest hemithorax
tocia birth; labor dystocia
tome instrument used to cut keratome
tripsy surgical crushing lithotripsy
trophy nourishment atrophy
ule little pustule
uria urine; urination pyuria

Free Info on our recommended Medical Transcription Program leading to an exciting home based medical transcription career

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