Medical Transcription At Home: Finding the Right Balance

The Medical Transcription work at home trend has gained significant momentum in the past decade or so. It is a production model that has now all but replaced the traditional employment arrangement for medical transcriptionists. Most transcription is now outsourced to large MT service providers who employ hundreds and sometimes even thousands of home based specialists.

The benefits of a medical transcription at home career are obvious and compelling. They include things like:

  • Avoiding tedious commutes
  • Minimizing daycare expenses
  • Eliminating the need for expensive wardrobe upgrades
  • Enjoying the freedom and flexibility of working from home
  • Creating a personalized, comfortable home office environment
  • Finding time for daily life errands during work breaks
  • Having access to your own living areas for comfortable, stress free breaks

 However, as you take stock of the benefits of a home based medical transcription career, it is also wise to maintain some perspective on the potential drawbacks. In my personal experience, the positive benefits of working from home far outweigh the negatives. Nevertheless, it is important to approach any new career opportunity with your eyes open.

Working as a home based transcriptionist can have certain challenges. For example:

  • It requires careful planning to manage your work from home schedule around unexpected family or household emergencies.
  • You may be tempted to schedule parent teacher conferences, shopping, trips to the gym, or other errands during prime production hours.
  • A work at home environment can be distracting if you are not focused and motivated.
  • Well meaning friends, family, and neighbors can assume that because you are home you are available to chat or interact.
  • Friends or family may incorrectly assume that it is o.k. to drop off their kids for you to watch as they run their own errands.
  • Working at home can leave you feeling isolated.

 To succeed in any home based work environment you need to treat your work activities the same way you would treat a real job.  This is definitely true of the medical transcription career.  This means allocating specific chunks of time to uninterrupted MT work to ensure that you consistently meet your production, quality, and turnaround targets. You should plan to schedule breaks, errands, and any other non-work activities around your transcription work. If you allow these non-productive activities to encroach on your transcription time you will find that the stay at home opportunity that looked so appealing will quickly become frustrating, chaotic, and unprofitable - exactly the opposite of your work at home dream.

The time to assert yourself is at the outset of your new career. You should begin by developing a rigid schedule and post it for all to see – particularly family and others who may have a tendency to take your responsibilities lightly. Don’t be timid. Let people know that your top priority must be a commitment to earning a living and fulfilling obligations to your employer. As a medical transcription at home professional, this is never something you should find yourself apologizing for.  As you establish proper boundaries, you will discover that the benefits of a work at home career in medical transcription will far exceed the hassles and drawbacks.  With a little discipline, you will find that you will have the flexibility you desire when you need it most, while still protecting your professional turf.  It will be a win-win-win for you, your family, and your employer.